Angela delivers key services across the public and private sector. Works with NI growth companies, planning and delivering on expansion and funding strategies. Associate Adviser with SIB. Previously Chairman of Chartered Accountants in Ireland - Ulster Society, former Board member of the NISP and former Trustee of NISP Connect.


Greg has been instrumental in the launch and development of numerous heavy-hitters of animation including Walt Disney Feature Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation, Digital Domain, and Zoogloo. His credits include Academy Award nominated "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban", Academy Award winning "Happy Feet" and "Avatar". He is Chair of the Animation programme at the University of Ulster's School of Art and Design in Belfast.

WILLEM KOKKE | Programming Lead - Facial

Former CTO at Inlifesize, Lead at Rockstar Games. Vienna. VP Technical Specialist Citi Bank.  Highly experienced multi-lingual cross platform programmer, with a strong interest in graphics, physics simulation, high performance computing, and programming language design.

DR. ERIKA ROSENBERG | Chief Scientific Officer

Ph.D. in psychology from UC San Francisco, and B.S. in neuroscience from San Jose State University. Her scientific research has examined how our feelings are revealed in our facial expressions. Published in psychological journals and books. Conducts research at University of California, Davis. She is the world-leading expert in the Facial Action Coding System and co-authors with it’s creator Paul Ekman.

MICHAEL HASLAM | Lead Modeller

Senior 3D artist with a diversity of skills and experience, focusing on DMS modelling and texturing. Formerly of Industrial Light & Magic, London and Framestore. PhD in Animation. Credits include Gravity, Jupitar Ascending, Asterix and Immortals.

DR. LIHIA YOU | Scientific Advisor

Dr. You’s research interests are in computer animation, geometric modelling, computer graphics, and differential equations and mechanics related to industrial applications, including character modelling and animation, surface blending, solid blending, ordinary and partial differential equation-based geometric modelling and computer animation. He has published about 170 publications with over 50 papers published in international journals.

CONOR WALSH | Chairman

Experienced public company CEO with a track record of rapidly building value in technology. Taken VC backed business to the public markets from university spin-out to global manufacturing leader. Completed $275m exit at 25x. Led a $500m division of a US listed business and executed on a strategy that contributed to a $4.2bn exit.