Supervising Character Modeller

The Supervising Character Modeller is responsible for the direction and management of the modelling team across all of Humain’s productions and R&D. They are responsible for creating high-quality photorealistic and non-photorealistic 3D organic assets. They are in charge of giving the necessary coaching and training to the team in order to reach its objectives. As the Supervisor for the department, they bring and implement their expertise both technically and artistically for the completion of Humain’s projects. They are responsible for developing and growing the modelling team in line with the studios requirements. This role will require the successful candidate to be very hands on..

Roles and responsibilities

  • Develop and manage the modelling work process (nomenclature, references, resources needed, methodology, tools, schedules, work assignments, etc.);

  • Create complex, film-quality, 3D assets to a project’s specifications;

  • Follow design reference accurately and work within a wide range of styles

  • Anticipate, analyze and find solutions to potential and actual technical problems;

  • Determine a broad technical and creative approach in conjunction with the R&D team.

  • Utilise multitasking ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Actively participate in the selection of new artists;

  • Support and facilitate the integration of new employees;

  • Attend and actively participate to supervisors meetings;

  • Perform other related tasks as assigned by management;

Qualifications include

  • Portfolio of high-quality film work with an emphasise on character work (5-7 years);

  • Experience working from 2D reference, as well as scanning and motion capture data;

  • Expert level in Maya and Zbrush and/or Mudbox, Photoshop and/or Mari, and/or Substance Painter

  • Expert level in Mari or Substance Painter;

  • Strong sense of scale, form, weight and volume;

  • Thorough understanding of traditional art skills (Form, anatomy, topology, colour theory)

  • Experience of the Facial Action Coding System and its use in animation.

  • Thorough understanding of geometry topology to ensure smooth deformations during animation.

  • Excellent attention to detail when finalizing and quality controlling assets;

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;

  • Strong attention to detail and follow through.

Job Title: Supervising Character Modeller

Status: Full-time

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Annual Salary: TBD