We are a leading authority on face and emotion.

© Humain Limited 2018

© Humain Limited 2018

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Erika Rosenberg, is a psychologist and world leader on the Facial Action Coding System, the gold standard in describing facial movement.

We captured Dr. Erika Rosenberg with a 148 x 36MP Cameras and created the worlds most robust database of Action Units from the Facial Action Coding System.

The image sequence on the left show several photographs taken from cameras during our shoot.

From these images we were able to create 3D high resolution 50 million vertex scans.


Our stabilisation software globally positioned the point cloud data and we tracked our utility mesh to the local facial movement.

Our database contains 147 separate scans; 40+ Action Units and their common combinations, plus phonemes.

The image sequence on the right illustrates the results inside the Unreal Engine video game engine.